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Extra Muro is a series of projects realized outside the wall of the headquarter of Radio Picnic


An hour long dive in the DIY cassette culture of Brussels, sometimes even crossing its border, to discover some shiny pearls on the muddy bottom, grabbed by mechanical octopi tentacles and bitten by harsh noisy teeth on the way back up. Jonathan and Kim are 2 cultural entrepreneurs that emigrated to the European capital chaos […]


Radio Picnic célèbre six ans de vie, d’amour et de création radio à Bruxelles. Broadcast on Kiosk Radio Vin chaud dans le Parc Royale! Avec extraits sonores de: Tzii, Afrika Moto, Mark Vernon, Zamzamrec, Aymeric de Tapol, Homnimal, Maxou Bisoux, Emmanuelle Nizou, Weird Dust, Massicot, Charo Calvo, Vegan 2000, Smog, Frederic Altstadt, C_C, Lexi Disques, […]


Initially the popularity of tape-recorders as an underground music-recording format was not related in any form to a fascination with the specific aesthetics of the medium, but simply with its function. The decision to buy a cassette rather than a vinyl was a decision based on relative convenience, since sound quality is actively sacrificed in […]


Io non compro più speranza è un dramma musicale a puntate. Basato sulla vera storia di un poeta improvvisato copywriter per guadagnarsi da vivere. Una creazione radiofonica di David Liver et Jonathan Frigeri


A collective memory investigation by Jonathan Frigeri & Selene Mauvis La mémoire collective est cette ensemble de souvenirs d’une expérience vécue et/ou mythifiée par une collectivité vivante de l’identité dans laquelle le sentiment du passé fait partie intégrante. Radio souvenir est une investigation sur cette mémoire collective, dans ce cas précis, la mémoire radiophonique. Dix-huit […]


Celebrating six years of Radio Picnic Mensa Sonora is a book with cooking recipes and sound from the Radio Picnic’s artists A cook book with recipes and sound by: Alexandre Joly, David Liver, Gian Paolo Minelli, Henry Deletra, Gianmaria Zanda, Julien Maret, Laura Solari, Valentina Pini & Micha Seidenberg, Giordano Rush & Camilla Ranouchka, Christophe […]


Supernatural est un centre de réception et de diffusion d’onde radioélectrique, une caverne de l’imaginaire dans laquelle la connexion avec le grand deep space demeure possible. C’est un lieu d’oscillation entre le monde des rêves, celui du système nerveux, et le monde des fantômes et des sphères célestes. C’est une organisation pure de sensations radiophoniques […]


Ventriloquism and disembodied voice Live on Radio Campus Brussels 92.1 FM OVV (Order of Visionary Ventriloquists) is the current LapTopRadio group doing research on and around the disembodied voice and ventriloquism. Members: Ashley Cook, Emile Dumas, Isabel Guerrero, Pablo Hurtado, Camille Lacroix, Victor Le, Sarah L’Hérault, Audrey Julien, Natacha de Oliveira, Arttu Palmio, Laurence Rasti, Nathalie Rebholz, […]


Afrika Moto – Le matin n’existe pas Avec Tonton Roger et Les Anciens Zaico Un reportage de Andrea Marioni et Jonathan Frigeri Montage: Jonathan Frigeri et Selene Mauvis Support de flux: Marius Schaffter Afrika Moto est un établissement situé à 50 mètres des abattoirs d’Anderlecht à Bruxelles. Depuis 1994 la diaspora Congolaise se retrouve tout […]


Radio Picnic on air at LUFF Underground Film and Music Festival in Lausanne emission du 14 octobre 2015: Calle Record Online archive promoting music played in public spaces With DK and JF emission du 15 octobre 2015: Special Guest Ripopée & Arc En Ciel Electronique Poetry lectures and exploration on modular synthesiser emission du 16 […]


A radio show with CoCo vs. Mirabelle Milieu, Ulrike Bernard, Caroline Profanter, Selene Mauvis CoCo is coincidentally vs. Mirabelle Milieu Ulrike Bernard is coincidentally in an orbital buzzing Caroline Profanter has coincidentally the same birthday as Selene Mauvis and Selene Mauvis has coincidentally the same birthday as Ghandi (the good one) (CoCo vs. Mirabelle […]

2 + 3 = RADIO

Freies Radio in Berlin auf 88,4 MHz und Potsdam auf 90,7 MHz DJ Shot ! With Mat Pogo, JD Zazie, WJM, Francesco Cavaliere, Johnny Haway & Selly One hour five djs Shot mix of ten minutes each


Alte Kindl-Brauerei, Berlin The musicians are using the radio as a speaker The sound is broadcasted trough an fm emitter to a bunch of radios where unexpected interference fuse with the original sound Music artists: JD Zazie – Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic texture, scratch and error Francesco Cavaliere – hypnosis! – fluomatic animals flouuuuu mmaaatic […]


CoLaboRadio & Radio Picnic Radiocollaborations all night through, with many guests Broadcast on 88.4 UKW – Berlin from ‘ORschnecke, a studio by Sara Lehn, in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien 18:30 S’accaparer les pouvoirs de super-héros musicaux Le magasin de musique vu comme un astroport. a project by Renaud Marchand with the collaboration of Johnny Haway (Radio […]


Project for an interactive archive of street music Calle record is an online archive project that intends to develop, through a multimedia platform, the recording, documentation and accessibility of music played in public spaces The goal is to create the biggest possible archive of musical heritage. This information makes it possible to analyse the cultural […]


Workshop with the Work.Master‘s students from the HEAD- Geneva Wenn Töne Geschmack haben Grosses Fressen in Radio Picnic (Berlin) With Renaud Marchand, Sophie Alphonso, Andrea Marioni, Anne Le Troter, Leonie Vanay, Lou Masduraud, Charlotte Khouri, Daphné Roulin, Sabrina Rothlisberger, Emma Souharce.


Workshop with the Option Construction‘s students from the HEAD Geneva Réalisations et diffusion de pièces radiophoniques constituant un programme radio sur une thématique commune; la dérive comme passage du « microscopique » au « macroscopique », du proche au lointain, de l’intérieur à l’extérieur. Les participant-e-s sont libres de choisir et de travailler avec n’importe […]


Sound Collage, Cut-up, Dj set by producer and musician H. from the eclectic ZamZamRec Crew. Una Notte di Sogni Agitati


THE SOUND OF DESTRUCTION Bring items that definitly should get destroyed! Ceramincs, glasses, figurines, technic, furniture, kitsch, presents that you never liked, etc get rid of that shit! and join the last breath of that rubbish in an ultimative radioshow. With a little help of our friends like hammers, feet, crowbars, dynamite, towels, boards, gravity, […]


a radio show during the 48 hours Neukölln Festival in Berlin Durante 48 ore, un’antenna radiofonica capterà e diffonderà le testimonianze sonore di 30 uccelli che sorvoleranno la valle del picnic. Questi 30 uccelli alla ricerca del leggendario simurgh saranno udibili seduti comodamente nell’area da picnic situata a Neukolln oppure connettendosi a internet. Di questi […]


A music box is an automatic musical instrument, inside a box, that produces sounds. Margarethe Radio Box is a human musical instrument, inside a human scale box, that produces sounds. Margarethe Radio Box have been set in music by Jonathan Frigeri, Daniel Kemeny, Rico Schalueck with contribution from Astro Pietra, Cabinet de logique, Jay Pennington […]


Seven hours with Wildrfid Crew in Berlin The radio show has been a collection of fieldrecording in music store and during ritual night kitchen, dj set of the last discovered vinyl and some live act recorded in Picnic studio. Waiting for a couscous!