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Initially the popularity of tape-recorders as an underground music-recording format was not related in any form to a fascination with the specific aesthetics of the medium, but simply with its function. The decision to buy a cassette rather than a vinyl was a decision based on relative convenience, since sound quality is actively sacrificed in favour of portability and compactness – and these are benefits for which the cassette has no relevant claim at the moment, while an iPod is doing the same thing exponentially more effectively. Can we go beyond the idea of a cultural nostalgia and that the tape is just cool and find an engaged or artistic justification for its return?

Voice of Aymeric de Tapol about Tape Culture, Lobait – Wild Party, Voice of Johnny Haway about Zonoff, Felix Kubin – Blouson en soie, Francisco Meirino – A possibility, Davide Cascio & Oliver Scharpf – A mantra for house plants, Valentina Pini & Micha Seidenberg – OCD, Èlg – Capitain Present, Henry Deletra – El Encuentro, Gilles Aubry – Under the Ahwach Moon, Simone Grab – Braincast, Ceel Mogami de Haas – The age of the reindeer, Joke Lanz – Musica per la radio, Voice of Joke Lanz about Tape Culture, Jealousy Party – Inno, Voice of Francesco Cavaliere about Tape Culture, Scanner – Waves, Voice of Tzii about Tape Culture, Floris Vanhoof – Squeak, Voice of ZamZam about Tape Culture, ZamZam & Radio Picnic – Graft

Length: 82min
Languages: French, English

Broadcast by Studio K, Centre Pompidou Brussels 06/02/2021


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