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Installations, performances, conferences, from 2 to 25 June 2022, Le Commun Geneva

Renaissance is an exhibition of audio-visual installations produced in collaboration by the duo of digital artists from the Robert Turner Collective and the electroacoustic jazz music duo INFLUUT. Works of algorithmic abstraction offer a synesthetic immersion, inviting introspection and meditation.

Each day presents an event for which the invited artists, scientists or collectives propose an intervention that resonates with the themes of the exhibition. Performances, conferences, installations, and a festival of sleep concerts punctuate the Renaissance complex.

The Sleep and Nap concerts where all streamed on Radio Picnic

Rêves et Illusions – Sleep Concert Festival
Dave Phillips – mutations
Strotter Inst. – #209 “Brachmond”
NuR – ƒ¡unerål ƒee∂båck

Renaissance Resonances – Nap Concert Events
Daniel Maszkowicz – Kosmoscore Elements
Semoroz/Souharce – Dans la cuve
D.C.P – Diorama inactif
DCP Sieste Sonore Renaissance 2022

Kosmo SCore Sieste Sonore Renaissance 2022

NuR Reves Et Illusions Renaissance 2022

Dave Phillips Sieste Sonore Renaissance 2022

Semoroz Souharce Sieste Sonore Renaissance 2022

StrotterInst Reves Et Illusions Renaissance_2022

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