Radio Picnic residence for creative radio

Radio Picnic is a laboratory for ideas and people,
a crossroad where new ideas blend and where radio is used as art

Radio Picnic operate in ethereal and physical space collaborating with people around the world
In the picnic’s headquarter is included a residence for creative radio

Invite exponent from various artistic disciplines to consider the role played by the radio
Provide tools and situations in order to develop thoughts and creations
Facilitate the efforts of those who believe in the destiny of the radio art

The third Tuesday of the month from 8pm till 9pm broadcasting in Berlin (88.4 MHz) and postdam (90.7 MHz).
The first Sunday of the month from midnight till 1am broadcasting in Brussels (92.1 MHz).
The first Tuesday from 9pm till 10pm (UK time) broadcasting in London, Brighton, Bristol, Norwich, Cambridge (DAB).
The third Wednesday of the month from 3pm till 3pm broadcasting in Nantes (91.2MHz)
Projects are also scheduled on radio arte mobile in Rome and LapTopRadio in Geneva.

Radio picnic is a project by zonoff

All audio file on this website are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

Review about Radio Picnic – magazine about critical thinking

Illustration: Samuel Tombola


H.O.Me., Kunsthaus, Langenthal, CH (April 2021)
PAPIRIPAR FEESTIVAL, Hamburg, DE (March 2021)
KIOSK RADIO, Brussels, BE (February 2021)
STUDIO K, Centre Pompidou, Brussels, BE (February 2021)
KANAL K, Aarau, CH (September 2020)
LA VIA DEI CANTI, Il bosco di Paliano, IT (October 2020)
MAYDAY RADIO MARATHON, Brussels, BE (Avril 2020)
RADIO SPACE, Bergen, NOR (March 2020)
SONOHR Festival, Bern, CH (February 2020)
RETE 2, Radio Svizzera Italiana (December 2019)
SISTERS AKOUSMATICA, Tasmania, RO (November 2019)
MATERA CAPITALE CULTURA, Satriano di Lucania, IT (September 2019)
RADIOPHRENIA, Glasgow, SCT (May 2019)
CONCERTO 900, Rete 2, Radio Svizzera Italiana (April 2019)
GLAZBA I OBRATNO, HR 3, National Radio Croatia (Jan-Feb 2019)
RADIA SHOW 721, International (January 2019)
COSE COSMICHE, Milano, IT (December 2018)
PRIX EUROPA, Berlin, DE (October 2018)
CHIAGIANA RADIOARTE, Siena, IT (August 2018)
ESPACE HEEEE, Nyon, CH (February 2018)
EMBASSY OF SWITZERLAND, Jordan (January 2018)
PIRATE RADIO FESTIVAL, Montreal, CA (March 2018)
SONOHR Festival, Bern, CH (February 2018)
RADIA RELAY, International (January 2018)
Q-O2, Brussels, BE (December 2017)
RADIOPHRENIA, Glasgow, SCT (November 2017)
BIG, Geneva, CH (June 2017)
SONOHR Festival, Bern, CH (February 2017)
L’hibride, Lille, FR (December 2016)
Stadtbibliothek, Biel , CH (October 2016)
BABEL Festival, London, UK (June 2016)
Cashmere Radio, Berlin, D (June 2016)
FILE Hypersonica, Sao Paulo, Brasil (August 2016)
SONOHR Festival, Bern, CH (February 2016)
Festival Longeur d’Ondes, Brest, FR (February 2016)
Kunstmuseum, Luzern, CH (December 2015)
LUFF Festival, Lausanne, CH (October 2015)
Golden Nomination, Prix Italia, Milano, IT (June 2015)
BIG!, Festival Espace Indépendant, Genève, CH (June 2015)
Festival Longeur d’Ondes, Brest, FR (February 2015)
SONOHR Festival, Bern, CH (January 2015)
MAXII – Open Museum Open City, Rome, IT (November 2014)
Festival RadioGwen, Chiasso, CH (October 2014)
FILE Festival, São Paulo, Brasil (October 2014)
Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, DE (Juin 2014)
Altes Brauerei, Berlin, DE (Juin 2014)
Datcha Radio, DE (Mai 2015)
JETFM Festival, Nantes, FR (April 2014)
ESTMAN RADIO, St-Galles, CH (April 2014)
Kurt Weill Festival, Dessau, D (March 2014)
Sound Introversion Radio, Australia (March 2014)
Nuit Blanche, Gaîté Liryque, Paris, FR (October 2013)
Radio System, Buenos Aires, Argentina (July 2013)
Helicotrema, Macro, Rome, IT (April 2013)


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