Radio Picnic residence for creative radio


An hour long dive in the DIY cassette culture of Brussels, sometimes even crossing its border, to discover some shiny pearls on the muddy bottom, grabbed by mechanical octopi tentacles and bitten by harsh noisy teeth on the way back up.

Jonathan and Kim are 2 cultural entrepreneurs that emigrated to the European capital chaos some years ago to nestle in that vibrant scene like pigs in the glitter mud by organizing events, residencies and radio emissions. Oh, and a tape label (IKI GAGA).

With: Kim Laugs, Johnny Haway, Aymeric de Tapol, Tzii, Acte Bonté, Midi Fish, Nigth on earth record, Jealousy Party, Zonoff, NGHE, Iki Gaga, Joke Lanz, ThirdTypeTapes, Tanuki Record, Ericamour Yovogan & Quentin Nicolaï, Vegan 2000.

Radio show for the Papiripar Festival 2021

Length: 60 min
Languages: English, some French

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