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Bacchette immaginifiche is a series of interventions based on a proposition.
The proposition being, the use of a long stick to reach out and play musical instruments trapped in public spaces.

Once you have encounter the said instrument, the rule it is to reach out tentatively and attempt to play a note of your choosing, then run away,toccata e fuga!
Bacchette immaginifiche is fully realized and at one with itself on the completion of a personal scale.

Here is our starting point for picnic radio residence of francesco cavaliere.

During in the first week of the project we soon found our ideas thwarted then later subverted by nature .

There is never a stick long enough to reach the unattainable.

With this in mind by the following week our vision and focus had changed, this natural evolution was also echoed in the sudden pygmytisation of the stick.

“some of them where possible to play others where more bashful to the ear…”
we are talking about a group of frozen hibernated plants, pittosporum plants found in cavaliere garden these musical icicles were performed and recorded on the few brief frozen days in march.

At this point all was suddenly cast in a new direction..some how the vision more ephemeral, unstable,less overtly tactile …indeed the interesting thing was the extremely natural changes in pitches and tonality as the ice broke to the touch.

For you now forever crystallized we have a 25 minutes musical piece featuring percussive icicles , imitations of wind and fields adventure………. toccata e fuga !

In a split residence between march 11 till june 1st 2013

lenght: 25’21 min
language: of nature
tags: ephemeral instrument, ice blow, musical icicles, lost & found


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