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Game Music – An homage to roaming and surprise.

Music hole is a virtual space where users can wandering in the space without a defined goal.

The built world is a composition of desertic space and islands of totemic music. As a player you have to find your way. You can meet and speech with others user or you can be alone. You have free zone where you can walk and try to find area of interest where totem are installed.

Different totem are present in the space. Autonomous musicals totems and interactive musical totems. The autonomous totems are subjected to a contemplation attitude instead the interactive totems are playable by one or more user at the time. You can move part of the totem to define the volume of each part of the musical composition as a musical conductor.

Music hole is subjected to update and magnification. It could be a musical instrument, a radio, a music box or a meeting place.

Music Hole have been conceived, build and plaid by Les Superlanguages (Jonathan Frigeri & Boris Ramonguilhem)
Software: Meshmoon –

In residence in Berlin between 15th and january 22th 2014

lenght: 48’43 min
tag: virtual space, music totem, game


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