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Radio Picnic broadcast live every last Tuesday of the month on Freies Radio in Berlin auf 88,4 MHz

15 May 2018: Mystic Imaginary Underground Landscape
With Johnny Haway (live objects, synths and sounds manipulation)

17 Apr 2018: Friends of Lexi Disques
Singularity: a special show on special records on 7″ with Catherine Plenevaux and Lexi Disques.

16 Jan 2018: Vaatican Records
Vaatican Records, more than 333 artists from everywhere in the world give you their music for free since 2006. This Quality Net-Label is curated by 4ndr345 M4rch4l.

19 Dec 2017: GAML – Rehearsal in the studio
GAML est un ensemble métallophone bruxelllois fondé par Maxime Lacôme et inspiré du gamelan indonésien. C’est au marché du Jeu de Balle que le musicien découvre le potentiel musical de la casserole et sa proximité sonore avec les instruments en bronze de tradition balinaise.

25 April 2017: Pneu Record
Discovering label. One hours with Harrison, one of the founding member of Pneu Record, a music label based in Belgium and runned by a French, Swiss, Belgian Collective.

28 February 2017: Yann Leguay
Discovering unpublished works by Yann; from improvised concert in the catacombs in Paris to fresh audio collage amde with electronic music and singing from abroad.

24 January 2017: Maxime Lacôme
Maxime sing, play and tell his new self-released album Orage d’été.

22 November 2016: The acousmatic voice with Caroline Profanter
A mix of electroacoustic compositions and field recordings through the times show the possibilities of the voice as an expressive tool and a way to communicate , in both a concrete and an abstract way. Our most intimate instrument, a vector of identity: the human voice, talking, singing or making weird sounds is everything at the same time and can be used as a pure material of sound to distort and alienate and make music with. Precious speeches live in studio by Dr. Daniel Kemeny.

26 July 2016: Imaginery Landscape
Johnny Haway play, mix, remix, filter, process, sound from the gears in the basement of Radio Picnic

28 June 2016: Radio Picnic from zamzamrec remote land
With Cheval Chintillant, Ayn Sof, H.U.M., Johnny Haway and Selly

24 Mai 2016: Radio Picnic with Christophe Piette and Johnny Haway
Am Anfang war ein Stein, eine Schildkröte, ein Stamm, Muscheln, ein Knochen und über alles eine Stimme, dann der Wind kam und alles wurde Musik

26 April 2016: Radio Picnic and Davide Tidoni
Following the presentation of football supporters’ vocal techniques and know-how, a small choir learns and performs a selected number of football chants

22 March 2016: Radio Picnic and Dj +Nurse+
This upload features tracks from Sublyme Diagonal, The Knife, Paul De Vree, +nurse+, Peder Mannerfelt and more

23 February 2016: Radio Picnic with Andrea Marioni and Johnny Haway
Live music by Johnny Haway with Andrea Marioni reading random books


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