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Grr and Arr said a dinosaur was seen very clearly in the sun of the quarry on Sunday.
It was always the same story when you went to the village. You wanted to go shopping but you ended up in a confusing and convulsive discussion about threat, terror and security.
Grr and Arr were his childhood friends, he knew them well, but couldn’t help feeling an increasing unease each time he met them.
The quarry was situated within easy walking distance from the village, and since it was on the way back to his cave, he decided to pass there.
No dinosaur footsteps, no dinosaur shit, drool or anything like that. « Same political bullshit », he concluded.
After a steep descent, he entered his cave. Colossal stalactites and stalagmites bordered a large flat surface. He only possessed a simple wooden bed, a laptop, a keyboard, some microphones, a mixing console, two speakers and meters of tangled cables.
On the wall there were numerous drawings of animals and hands. Never a dinosaur.
He was happy to be back home.
Tired, he lied down on the wooden bed and dreamt.

Ceel Mogami de Haas in residence in Bruxelles between April 26th and Mai 5th 2016

length: 22’41min
language: french
tags: main negative, age of the reindeer, dream, cave


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