Radio Picnic residence for creative radio



There is a strangely indiscernible and not audible world occupying the same space as we do. technical means are necessary to discover this space in the space, some call it also aether, some see in it the fifth element. with photographic film we can make it visible and a radio set lets us listen to it. the fact that a part of the protons and electrons emitted by the sun and also coming from outer space are physically crossing our body can be fascinating or quite terrifying – a singular coronal mass ejection of our sun can launch millions of tons of electrons. not only these particles are crossing our body and our head, but also all kind of waves: röntgen, satellite signals, mobile telephone, diverse kind of radio waves, crazy radiobroadcasts, idiotic tv shows, amateur radio, police radio, teleguided systems, radar, etc.

« Transphonische ströme » is referring to all this information and material going through our bodies and also our heads. it was done with a considerable number of radio sets, it includes also satellite signals, natural terrestric and astral radiosounds and also some constructed samples – we can’t command our brain not to create associations…

Done in the mythical cellar-studio of the fantastic zonoff.

In residence in Berlin between 2th and may 6th 2014

lenght: 65 min
language: english
tags: radio frequencies, space, experiment


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