Radio Picnic residence for creative radio


Have you already carried around a stupid pop song for hours with yourself in the head? Interesting for us sound creators, composers and musicians: The music in the head can also be created and transformed by pure thought. We can extract single instruments and sounds, zoom in and out acoustically, add and modulate sounds and adapt the volume.

How does imagined music sound? Which potential have such inner compositions? Which musical perspectives can we develop? Could we somehow connect the music in the head, so we can hear it in the loudspeaker? Will it it soon be possible to make imagined music audible by neuro technology?

Simon Grab has been researching for answers in the fields of neuroscience and technology, musicpsychology, psychiatry, philosophy and literature. In a 12 hour brainwash marathon noises, interviews, musical experiments, media samples, reflexions and associations are being mixed live in the Picnic Studio in Bruxelles.

Simon Grab in residence in Bruxelles between July 2th and July 10th 2015

length: 60’min
language: french, english, german, swiss-german
tags: musical imagery, neuroscience, musicpsychology, music in the head, brain research


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