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28 June 2016: Radio Picnic from zamzamrec remote land
Just two hours and 20 minutes from Paris, Saint-Aignan – Val de Cherr in the heart of the Loire Valley, in the middle of france, a village of 3000 people.
Saint-Aignan is known for its quiet nature, its gastronomic products, its castle and church and also its history.

This year zamzam rec have been invited to occupied the entry of the church of st aignag during la fete de la musique zamzam rec a label born in bristol, uk and since one year based in town.
zamzam proposed an ecliptic music program, from drone, experimental electronic, ritual noise and poetry we had the impression that the audience was not ready for that, but the curiosity took place in the soul of the population alien came to earth
With Cheval Chintillant, Ayn Sof, H.U.M., Johnny Haway and Selly


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